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Dual ARG Gyro Installation 74ft Ferretti Mochi Craft

We recently completed an ARG Gyro installation on this stunning 74ft Ferretti Mochi Craft.

Installed were 2 ARG 250 Gyro's, in-line in the rear of the engine room.

The installation of this was completed in tight quarters but Ferretti Motor Yachts are designed in their factory to accept the ARG Gyro. 

Between the 2 gyro's there is 50,000Nm of Anti-Rolling Torque, which is required due to the volume and overall weight of this large Motor Yacht.

ARG Gyro's typically take up around 30% less space than other gyro's, for the same anti-rolling torque.

The units typically will spool up in about 35minutes to a running speed of 3,750 RPM.

In this particular configuration, each Gyro is manufactured to be located in a specific sequence.

ARG Gyro's are the only maintenance free gyro on the market. 

Please click here to learn more about the ARG Anti Rolling Gyro


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