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Hydraulic Lifting Swim Platform

Our client wanted to have a hydraulic, lifting swim platform for his Maritimo 64.

Our team start by lining the mould with a release agent and then painting the Gelcoat Layer. This layer will eventually become the top side of the boarding platform that will be lined with teak.

Next the team lay the first layer of fiberglass and resin, followed by the placement of end-grain balsa wood. The end gran balsa wood acts as a volume reducer, but as the end grain of the wood soaks up the resin, it becomes extremely hard and durable.

Between the balsa wood we place Gaboon plywood which provides the fixing strength for the lifting gear. Another layer of fiberglass is then applied over the balsa wood.

Once the final layers of fiberglass had been laid on the underside of the deck, the team are then able to start constructing the bracing to ensure that the platform remains as rigid as possible. The cross beam is locked into place with 2 side pod’s which interlock all the bracing structure together - and in turn stiffening the entire platform.

The part we love is releasing the platform from the mould and getting started on the work to make it look fit for the back of a Maritimo.

You can see on the top of the mould is a green coating that is peeling off - this is the release agent that was applied to the mould right at the start of the process. Most of the time it satisfyingly peels off - but is water soluble and will wash right off.

Next, the top side of the platform is sprayed with a colour matched to the mothership it will be attached too, before work begins on creating the teak deck.


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