Riviera 63 | ARG 375T Gyro Installation

Recently, we completed the install of the first ARG Gyro of 2022.
This ARG 375 Gyro has been installed into a large Riviera Luxury Motor Yacht. The vessel is 63ft long, weighing around 40tons and has a substantial super-structure, which can cause significant heel in various sea conditions.
This vessel owner is a serious game-fisher and the ARG Gyro will enable him to fish in less favorable sea conditions as well as providing true comfort.
We are so confident with the ARG and its bold claim of “no maintenance” that we sealed this unit under the cockpit floor.
We created a new margin board that imitates a cock-pit hatch, but in actual-fact, we sealed the Gyro under the deck, limiting access to the Gyro.
The ARG 375 gyro has a staggering 37,500Nm of Anti-Rolling Torque and typically takes up 30-40% less space for an equivalent amount of Anti-Roll Torque from it’s rivals.
People often ask us if their Genset is capable of running an ARG gyro. The ARG gyro will use approximately 5.5KW of power during spool-up and 4.5KW of power while at full speed.
ARG operates on the “simplicity is best” philosophy, it has no pumps or unnecessary equipment that could break and has ultra-long-life bearings. This gyro was developed for the International Space Station where continued operation and being maintenance free, was an absolute must.
We’re excited to be fitting more of these this year. They not only make your boating more pleasurable but will increase the re-sale value of your vessel.
Our clients have busted the myth about Gyro putting fish off the bite - as you can see by the attached photos - this boat left MYSC and hooked up 5 marlin!
If your interested in a consultation to have the ARG gyro to your Luxury Motor Yacht, then contact Shanon Robertson at

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