Maritimo 48 Stainless2

Stainless Steel Work

At MYSC bespoke and outside the box, is what we do.

Stainless Steel is a crucial component in all Luxury Motor Yacht's, its both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Stainless Steel is a hard metal to work with and requires great skill to achieve the high level finish we need for our boats.

We have highly skilled metal fabricators to repair or create bespoke and functional items for your boat.

Some of the common items we custom make for our boat owner are, but not limited too:

  • Removeable and interchangeable Bait Boards
  • Removeable and interchangeable Boarding Platform Staples 
  • Bow Rails
  • Bespoke crafting based on individual vessel requirements

Both the bait board and the boarding platform staples are interchangeable with each other for your own dynamic configuration. 

MYSC - Custom Stainless - Removable Staples and Bait Boards

MYSC - Custom Staples


If its a simple fix - or you've got grand plans for your boat - get in touch with us today and let us help you turn them into a reality. 

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