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Teak Deck Replacements

Replacing your Teak decks isn't something that's required many times in a vessels life, but when the time comes and you have it replaced properly - the results will leave you speechless. 

As well as increasing the look and feel of your vessel, you will add significant resale value.

At MYSC, we're experts in Teak deck replacements.

While the results are exceptional, the journey to achieve these results will take some time. We are able to complete all this work in our under-cover sheds meaning there will be no weather related delays.

Time-frames for each vessel will vary depending on the amount of decks to be replaced and whether of not any further work is required underneath the teak. 

In a nutshell, the work required to complete a Teak deck replacement is:

  1. Remove existing hardware
  2. Pattern existing Teak deck
  3. Remove existing Teak 
  4. Make new Teak deck and fit to vessel
  5. Chaulking of all Teak
  6. Final Sand
  7. Replace hardware ( this is a good opportunity to change your cockpit or boarding platform layout with our, solid and function, Removeable Stainless Steel Staple and Bait Board)

If you're interested in having your Teak decks replaced, please get in touch with us so we can discuss the specific needs of your vessel and provide an estimate of costs.

Below is some photographs of our most recent Teak deck replacement to a Maritimo 60 - as well as a video that show the process from start to finish. This Maritimo 60 is closer to 70ft as we have previously completed a hull extension.


Cockpit Teak Before

Cockpit Teak After


Boarding Platform Teak Before

Boarding Platform After

Check out our video from start to finish!

Teak Deck Replacement | Motor Yacht Service Centre




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