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Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) Installations

Rolling around while fishing or relaxing on your boat, is never fun.

At MYSC, we supply and install Premium Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro's (ARG) - previously known as the Mitsubishi ARG. Tohmei ARG are the ORIGINAL Anti-Rolling Gyro stabiliser, with a heritage dating back to 1965 and a heavy involvement in the Aerospace arena, its no wonder they are the choice for Luxury Motor Yacht Brands like Ferretti, Horizon and Pershing - to name a few! 

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A Gryo Stabiliser is a vessel stabilisation device that virtually eliminates the roll of your boat at zero speeds, trolling speeds and whilst underway, to keep your vessel level so your cooking is safer and can spend more time enjoying your boat and less time feeling sea sick.

MYSC - Recent ARG Gyro Installation

MYSC - Recent Dual ARG Gyro Installation into a 74Ft Ferretti Mochi Craft

MYSC - Recent ARG Gyro Installation in a Riviera 63

Gyro stabilisers don't need to be complicated. The ARG Gyro has been designed with simplicity and continued functionality in mind. As such, the ARG Gyro does not have complex computers, pumps or sensors that can lead to a failure.

The Top Ten Reasons why ARG Gryo is Best:

  1. Easy to operate; just flip a switch to turn it on.
  2. Effective at trolling and zero speeds.
  3. Resistance free because nothing protrudes from the hull.
  4. There are no complicated high pressure hydraulic lines or pumps.
  5. There are no fresh or raw water pumps, no heat exchangers to leak.
  6. No vacuum chambers to maintain.
  7. No exposed moving parts means that the ARG is safe in an engine room setting.
  8. Can be installed anywhere there is sufficient strength.
  9. In short, the ARG is a time tested, proven, dependable design that is practically maintenance free.
  10. With more than 25 years of experience, ARG is the leader in the marine gyro stabilization field.

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The ARG is virtually maintenance free and does not require regular servicing.

The installation of an ARG Gryo is one point that sets it apart from its competitors. The ARG can be mounted anywhere in the boat. Generally speaking, mounting in the lazarette is the easiest and most cost-effective option, but our team of experts will guide you through what's right for your boat.  

ARG Ferrettii Video

Let us help you put the "pleasure" back in your pleasure boating - get in touch with us today to install your new ARG Gyro. 

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