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Ice Makers

Every good day on the boat starts with a trip to the store for bags of ice - to keep your fish chilled and your drinks cold.

MYSC's got you covered with one of the more luxurious additions to your boat, the MYSC Ice Maker.

MYSC - In-Built Ice Maker

Our Ice Makers can produce hundreds of kilograms of fresh ice per day - you'll never run out of ice again!

Depending on your exact choice, our Ice Makers can make both Fresh Water and Salt Water Ice in the same machine - you'll even have an option to have square, scalloped, cylindrical or flaked ice - who would have thought there could be so many icy options!

Depending on your chosen model, our Ice Makers are also very clever - the Ice Maker will make fresh ice at the top of the unit, and melt it back to water at the bottom of the unit, so you always have the freshest ice available.

Our Ice Makers can be customer built to suit any application. 

Your boat will need to be lifted from the water to have a salt water Ice Maker fitted, but we can fit a fresh water ice maker, with your boat on our work berth. 

The vast majority of our Ice Makers are fitted when the boat has been lifted to complete our yearly 250 Point Service Plan.

For an option suited specifically to your vessel contact us here or call us on 094161179

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