FLIR Camera

FLIR cameras are the pinnacle in Thermal Imaging and Night Vision technology. 

At MYSC we recommend and install FLIR cameras for owners requiring premium night vision on their Luxury Motor Yacht.

Having the ability to turn night into day makes for a much safer boating experience when navigating at night or in foggy conditions. 

FLIR Camera Overview

Your FLIR camera will directly connect into your SIMRAD Electronics or alternative screens for easy viewing. If you have the space on your dash-board, you can have a dedicated screen for your FLIR camera.

It is not essential for your boat to be lifted from the water to have the FLIR camera fitted, this work can be done on our On Water Facilities, however, it's a great addition to your Luxury Motor Yacht while it is in our 250 Point Service Plan.

Check out the FLIR website here for more information.

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