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Stainless Steel Staples and Bait Board

At MYSC we are master crafters when it comes to Stainless Steel. All our Stainless Steel is quality 316 and designed with luxury aesthetics in mind, ensuring it retains its appeal for years to come.

A popular upgrade is our custom Stainless Steel Staples and Bait Boards for Luxury Motor Yachts. 

The MYSC Staples are custom made for each boat and can be altered to include a slight offset to the vertical rails based on the individual application. An offset would accommodate a tender being located on a boarding platform.

The MYSC Staples fit perfectly into custom designed receptacles which are rebated flush with the deck, allowing the staples to be removed from the deck with a simple lift, while remaining firmly seated during use.

Handcrafted Stainless Steel Staples


Handcrafted Stainless Steel Staples


Premium Stainless Steel Receptacle

By Installing the MYSC Staples we're able to change an existing boarding platform surround configuration, if desired.

The MYSC Bait Board is the perfect addition to your new staple. Grand in size and as solid as they come. Constructed with the same quality 316 Stainless Steel as the Staple, it will stand the test of time but is also easily relocatable to any other staple on your boat. It can also be fitted with beverage holders, for when you're on the bite.

The bait board is lined with a polyethelene plastic board which is easy to clean, making your wash down just that little bit easier. These boards are also easily replaceable.

Premium Stainless Steel Staple and Baitboard

Premium Stainless Steel Staple and Baitboard

Further customisation is available on request.

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