Ultra Anchors

One of the biggest causes of boaties anxiety is the anchor – and drifting through the night.

At MYSC we recommend fitting an Ultra Anchor - offering peace of mind that your boat will stay where you left it. Often, the first modification our owners will do to their boat is to fit it with a Premium Ultra Anchor and Anchor Swivel.

Ultra Anchors are a premium, hand crafted and hand polished, European designed anchor made from the best quality 316 stainless steel and whilst they are a stunning piece of deck jewellery, the secret of the anchors success, is in the design and performance.

The anchor features a hollow shank, side wing plates and a curved tip that is filled with lead, meaning it buries itself first time - and holds!

Ultra Anchor Key Design Points

 Here are the top features that make the Ultra Anchor unbeatable:

  1. Self Launching off your bow roller
  2. ALWAYS lands in the attack position
  3. Instantly buries deep and holds firm in unfavourable weather conditions
  4. Does not release in a changing wind or tide
  5. Unique self righting features
  6. Easily recoverable from the bottom
  7. Self aligning into your bow roller
  8. Stunning 316 Stainless Steel

The Ultra Anchor is the pinnacle in anchoring technology and design, resulting in you needing a smaller Ultra Anchor to do an even better job than your current anchor.

Ultra Anchor Demonstration

Ultra Anchors are available in sizes 5KG for boats up to 1.1ton, all the way up to 360KG for boats up to 830ton.

Our most common fitments are 35-60KG, for boats up to 47ton.

For peace of mind and plenty of sleepy nights - contact us now and let one of our experts size the right Ultra Anchor Package for your boat.


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