Water Makers

Water is a valuable commodity on most boats venturing away from home and is used very sparingly.

Having unlimited,100% fresh drinking quality water, does not have to be a luxury - by installing a quality water maker.

A water maker does exactly what the name suggests - but can be quite complex in process. Essentially -  a water maker draws in salt water, filters out the salt content and outputs fresh water.

Through years of experience, we've seen the good, and the not so good, water makers.

At MYSC we recommend and the Sea Recovery Aqua Matic water maker, for trouble free operation and 285L of Fresh water every hour.

MYSC - Sea Recovery Aqua Matic Water Maker

Most vessels will need to be lifted from the water to have a water maker fitted, to install the required through hull fittings. Typically an installation can be completed within 3 days, depending on your particular vessel. 

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