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250 Point Service Plan

MYSC is proud to offer a unique, proactive and preventative maintenance program for Luxury Motor Yachts, based in Auckland, New Zealand

Anything that lives in the water will require regular maintenance to ensure that you have a trouble free boating experience.

Throughout the years we have offered an around the clock service for our boat owners to ensure that they always had experience and expertise on hand to deal with any problems that arose while boating.

We quickly established that the New Zealand summer was a really busy time for problems to arise with boats, often due to long periods of no use over winter. 

The MYSC 250 Point Service Plan was born specifically from the need to help our customers experience a trouble free boating experience when they took their friends and family away during the New Zealand summers.

More Luxury Motor Yachts Out for the MYSC Service Plan

The MYSC 250 Point Service Plan is an in-depth and comprehensive, Bow to Stern analysis of your vessel.

It will include:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Hardware
  • Structural
  • Electronics

A list of both preventative maintenance and items requiring urgent attention will be compiled from this assessment, and will be reported back to you for the decision making process. 

Most of our Luxury Motor Yacht owners complete all the required work identified from the assessment, and its has resulted in a significant drop in failures of equipment over the summer period.

Not only has it eliminated the hassle factor of equipment failing, its also helping retain the value of your vessel, with a proven history of servicing and maintenance.

All vessels brought in regularly under our yearly 250 Point Service Plan receive 24/7 assistance.

Maximise the enjoyment of your vessel today and become part of the MYSC 250 Point Service Plan.

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