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Antifoul and Propspeed

The bodies of water surrounding New Zealand are experiencing unusual warmth recently and it's been putting a lot anti-foul's to the test. Not all of them passed.

A clean hull and with new quality anti-foul and prop speed will ensure that your boat achieves its maximum cruising speed, translating into a fuel efficient boat and stop as much barnacle growth as possible.

At MYSC we use top quality Anti-Foul that have been tried and tested in New Zealand Waters.

MYSC - New Antifoul and Prop Speed


MYSC - New Propspeed

MYSC will also supply you with a clean-hull certificate for entry into New Zealand's strictest marina's.

Antifoul and Prop Speed is an essential on all boats that live in the water, and should be done as part of a regular maintenance program at least every 2 years.

Your boat will be lifted from the water to have this work completed. All scoops & thruster blades are also removed, stripped re-antifouled and refitted.  We will also inspect all anodes and replace them if required.

Weather dependant, this process is usually completed in a week.

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