onwater marina berth

On Water Facilities

 At MYSC we have our own secure on-water facilities, we call The Work Berth, located here at Hobsonville Marina, Auckland.

Our customers are able to drive their boats to our work berth, tie up and leave their boat to be lifted by our expert team at their allotted time.

We are also able to carry out works to your vessel on our work berth, when its not a requirement to have your boat lifted from the water, saving you the extra cost of hard stand fee's.

Our owners will quite often use our on-water facilities to stock their boat up, before departing from our 250 Point Service Program, as they are able to get a vehicle much closer than the can at their marina.

To book yourself into our 250 Point Service Plan or enquire about any one of our services, contact us here or phone 094161179.

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