At MYSC we can repair anything on your boat from minor gel coat or fiberglass repairs to major structural damage. 

MYSC has significant experience in repairing (or replacements if required) heavily damaged vessels, including but not limited too:

  • Fire Damage
  • Vessels that have hit rocks or seabed
  • Driveline Damage (Shafts, Struts, Propellers and Rudders)
  • Vessels that have been dropped or damaged during shipping
  • Boarding Platform Damage
  • Stainless Steel Damage
  • Interior Damage - Water, Fuel or Fire

We have extensive knowledge in this area and will ensure that your vessel undergoes a full assessment to ensure that all the damage has been identified and gets repaired correctly.

We use the highest quality marine products available, and have a team of expert boat builders, so you can be assured you will vessel will be restored to better than new condition.

You can also request us as the approved repairer with any insurance related repair.

Contact us here to discuss your repair needs or call us on 094161179.


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