When it’s time to complete work to your boat, turn to Motor Yacht Service Centre for advice

From fiberglass components to custom stainless steel work, all timber work, swim platforms, fitting game fishing equipment as well as exterior upgrades such as cockpit seating, storage and electric fishing rod lockers. Dean and his team can do it all.

Cabinetry and Joinery

At MYSC, our boat builders are true craftsmen, and with years of bespoke teak timber creations under our belt, we’ve got you covered.

Beautifully appointed Luxury Motor Yachts will have teak timber as a predominant feature throughout. From galley cabinets to saloon cupboards, tables and dashboards, this beautiful timber is just one clue that you’re aboard a very special vessel.

Clears and Covers

Clears and covers are a feature on most boats and with time they will start to age to a stage and need to be replaced.

Often clear blinds can crack with age or become milky from sunscreen transfers.


At Motor Yacht Service Centre we have our own marine engineering specialist who ensures that the mechanical side of the vessel is in its best shape.

In the unfortunate event that your vessel may have hit a rock or sea bed we have experts that will be able to ensure driveline damage has been rectified, engines are in alignment and all hydraulic systems remain in operable condition.

Hull Extensions

A Hull Extension can be added to your vessel to achieve many things such as: having a longer waterline will improve your vessels fuel consumption,
little to no trim tab needed; no way water comes over the duck board even under full deceleration; you will have a larger amount of storage and more.

Interior Refit and Upholstery

At MYSC we’ve completed numerous total refits and the results have been incredible.

Our owners bring their Luxury Motor Yachts to us because we are able to complete everything under one roof.

Shipwright Work

Motor Yacht Service Centre employs experienced shipwrights to care for your precious vessel.

We pride ourselves in all facets of boat building including all timber work, joinery, leak work and the supply installation of quality marine products.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

At MYSC bespoke and outside the box is what we do.

Stainless Steel is a crucial component in all Luxury Motor Yacht’s, its both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Teak Deck Replacements

Replacing your Teak decks isn’t something that’s required many times in a vessels life. When the time comes you need to have it replaced properly to avoid issues in years to come. Our results will leave you speechless.

As well as increasing the look and feel of your vessel you will add significant resale value.

Motor Yacht Service Centre is the only boating partner you’ll ever need

Motor Yacht Service Centre is uniquely a one-stop shop for all servicing, improvement and repair needs for Luxury Motor Yachts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.