Our Spray Rails virtually eliminates salt water coming over your bow and our silent chines stop chine slap for good.

One of the biggest issues luxury motor yacht owners face is arriving at their destination with a salty boat.

We’ve created a solution to this problem, so effective that one of our clients describes as only ever having had a “tea cup” worth of saltwater over the bow.

The spray rails are a modification made to the hull of your vessel that will re-direct those rogue waves, virtually eliminates salt wash coming over your bow and in turn the vortex of salt mist that gathers in the cockpit.

The silent chines are a chine in-fill that removes the harsh angles that result in the water slapping the chines. The chine infills are a game changer if you want a quiet nights sleep.

When considering the spray rails and silent chines, the spray rails can be fitted on their own, but the chine infills must be installed together with the spray rails.

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