Australian Davits and Cranes (ADC) have been making quality marine products for over 25 years.

These are premium boat davits, custom paired with your Luxury Motor Yacht, right here in Auckland.

Through the years, we’ve serviced many different types of davit cranes and we recommend our boat owners use ADC when choosing to buy or replace their tender davit.

MYSC can install tender davits up to a lifting capacity of 1500KG, however, our most common installation is 350KG fixed boom manual davit, with pneumatic assisted luff. Available in a 12V or 24V DC motor.

For those vessels with larger tenders, MYSC can supply hydraulic luff and slew options.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Tender also, please see our Luxury Motor Yacht Tenders Page.

Together with ADC we can custom manufacturer specific to your requirements, however, our team of experts will ensure that you have the right Tender Davit for your boat.

ADC Davit installations will require your boat to be lifted from the water, however, most boats are slightly different and will require different amounts of strengthening work.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements – MYSC 094161179

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