Quality electronics will ensure that you have a safe and easy boating experience.

With Luxury Motor Yachts these days being so highly sophisticated and run largely on electronics the repairs, upgrades and maintenance of these play a huge part in our business.

At MYSC, we have an in-house electronics engineer and the ability to diagnose, repair, replace and upgrade almost any electronic component to your vessel.

We also offer bespoke dashboard design integrated with leading Electronics.

See our range of quality electronics for your Luxury Motor Yacht below:

Over the years we have worked on numerous electronics equipment and there is always equipment that stands out from the crowd.

Motor Yacht Service Centre is proud to be a Simrad Certified Dealer.

Simrad have a comprehensive range of electronics, that most boaties don’t know exist.

Form and function play a really important role when deciding to choose your electronics package, that’s why at MYSC we recommend and install SIMRAD Electronics – and are installed in the vast majority of our fleet.

The pick of the bunch is the Simrad NSO range – a clean, large touch screen that has the ability to customise nearly every aspect of the layout, so it’s suited perfectly for you.

Simrad NSO Range Overview

For owners who prefer a screen with physical buttons, there is a range for you too – the Simrad NSS range.


With option’s a-plenty, the only limitation will be the room on your dashboard! See below for some of the additions available

  • Halo Radar – with options of both dual & single frequency and up to 72NM in range. The radar is a safety feature that is almost non-negotiable on most boats today, however, for the serious fisherman among us, it’s a great tool to help us find the birds working and fish below! SIMRAD have also developed Velocity Track which will show you objects that are moving and are a likely hazard, in a different colour. Check out the HALO video here

SIMRAD HALO Radar Overview

  • Auto Pilot – Linked into your vessels rudder with a hydraulic ram, the auto-pilot option will fix your boat on a specific heading, and keep you on course at a speed set by you. For safety reasons, this option is not transferable into the SIMRAD iPad Application.
  • Echo-Sounder Modules including, Forward Scan, Structure Scan 3D, Side Scan and Down Scan. These are all mapping abilities for your boat that allows you to navigate poorly charted or shallow waters with confidence.
  • VHF – Multiple options for both fixed mounted and multi-handset units, so you can be within reach of communications wherever you are on your boat.
  • AIS Transponder – The AIS transponder is a safety device essential for reducing your risk of collision but will also broadcast your position and make your vessel more visible in an emergency.
  • Navionics charts available
  • C-MAP charts are the best charts available to help you see the sea floor. See the sea floor structure, reefs and ledges – it will help you find the best fishing and diving spots!
  • C-Map will even give you the ability to create your own custom maps from your SIMARD sonar logs. See the C-MAP overview video here

C-MAP Overview

With SIMRAD you have the ability to link multiple screens together and have extra screens located throughout your boat, for maximum visibility.

Your SIMRAD electronics will also link directly into the C-ZONE automation package, click here to check out our C-Zone Page.

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