Tenders are a Must-Have Item on Your Boat

It’s often overlook the fact that your tender could be a life saver in an emergency, which is why it’s a smart idea to invest in quality.

It’s nice to have options that’s why we supply, fit and maintain a range of quality tenders and jet-tenders for your Luxury Motor Yachts.

All the tenders we supply are designed to perform. They are built to the highest standard using quality componentry and materials.

Luxury Motor Yacht Tenders can be paired with Yamaha Outboards or electric outboards for individual preference.

We are also able to fit-out tenders with as many electronics as your heart desires including sound systems, VHF’s, GPS Fish Finders and more.

At MYSC were an outside the box kind of bunch, if you have something specific in mind you’d like us to source – contact us here.

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