At MYSC we’re creators and problem solvers and we know, It’s the little things that make all the difference.

One of the most frustrating aspects of boating is motoring to your destination only to arrive and your boat is covered in salt wash – and it needs a wash down.

Whether you’ve been motoring in rough seas or through other boats wake – those large waves will create big wash – and cover your boat in salt water.

We’ve created a product to fix this problem and eliminate up to 90% of the salt was from hitting your foredecks and super-structure.

We call them the SPRAY RAILS.

The Silent Chines are an infill that stops the chine slap you hear while at rest. These pair with the spray rails as a unique package to add comfort to your boating.

These spray rails have been so successful, we’ve caught our competition trying to copy the design!

Whilst we can’t show you the physical design online, we can explain what the design will achieve and are happy to show the spray rails to you in our Hobsonville Show Room.

  • At low speeds, the Spray Rails will help the front of your boat lift out the water
  • Achieving planing earlier
  • Redirects rouge and larger wash that would have covered your boat in salt water.
  • Saves wiper blades due to wipers not being required as often

The key to the performance is in the design, which has taken years to perfect, with a slight modification to each design based on the boat. We have successfully installed these on numerous different types of luxury motor yacht.

We are also working on a video that will show you exactly how the Spray Rails perform.

Spray Rails will require your boat to be lifted from the water and installation usually takes around 5 days.

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