Going hand in hand with our Luxury Motor Yacht Tenders and ADC Davits are our custom fitted tender cradles.

Custom fitted to an existing tender or a new tender, we are able to create a Tender Cradle “Chocks” that are an exact match to the hull of your tender and chine pattern.

We create a pattern of your tenders hull and craft that into a strong, lightweight aluminum cradle that we paint to match the foredeck of your Luxury Motor Yacht.

By having a cradle that is matched to your hull, positioning of your tender is exact every time and then easily secured. Keeping your tender up off the foredeck is essential for the longevity of the gelcoat underneath.

The aluminum cradle sits neatly on the foredeck with a quality 316 stainless steel plate. All fittings are also 316 stainless steel.

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