Luxury Motor Yachts need a Yacht Controller – a vessel control system through a joystick and wireless lanyard control.

Control your boat from anywhere onboard – you could even jump off to tie up and still control the boat.

If you’ve ever considered having full control of your vessel wirelessly through a lanyard remote around your neck then this is the product for you.

A European designed product custom paired to every individual boat.

Yacht Controller gives you full control of both engines, bow and stern thrusters and your anchor all through a small hand-held wireless remote.

It’s a robust technology that’s incredibly functional and a must have accessory aboard your Luxury Motor Yacht and for those who want to make berthing or docking as easy as possible.

It’s perfect for people who want to be able to walk around their boat while trying to dock – and even jump off and tie up on their own, and maintain full control of their vessel.

Essentially a plug and play technology, we can install this during a service program or even on our work berth, making it an affordable option that will make boating easier and add re-sale value to your vessel.

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