The owners of this vessel wanted stainless steel railings around the outside of the boarding platform to keep his grand-children safe and enable some fishing equipment to be used.

With the Tender being mounted on the swim-platform deck, It was logistically challenging to get the staples to work and look like they belonged on the boat. Normally, we’d have put a slight crank in the staples to give them extra clearance around the tender, while still seating into a deck receptacle.

In this application, the tender was a large Brig 330T on tender slides which meant that we couldn’t alter staples to work effectively and look like the are part of the boat at the same time.

After discussing with the owner how he uses his boat and whether or not a large tender was required, it became apparent that a large tender was not necessary.

The idea was floated to change the tender to a light-weight AB tender, with removeable electric outboard, and to hang the tender vertically off the rear staple.

Not only did this option enable them to use the tender when they want, but it meant they got full, unobstructed use of the entire hydraulic swim platform without having to launch the tender.

We also added a custom built fishing rod holder that went above the Beach Club Door giving storage for an extra 7 rods.

As an extra, we were able to add the Garmin electronics to every TV in the boat including the one in the Beach Club which is ideal for fishing.

The vessel also went through the 250 Point Service Plan, had a teak refresh and a full valet inside and out.

Check out the finished alterations below.