Riviera 64 | ARG 375T Gyro Installation

The Riviera 64 demands the largest of the ARG Gyro Stabilisers. See how we installed the ARG375T to this 2022 Riviera 64.

Hull Painting and Master Cabin Window to Riviera 61

Take a journey with us as we remove the vinyl wrap from the hull of this Riviera 61, paint the hull with an amazing metallic and put a window into the master cabin.

Marine Electronics Upgrade – Maritimo C60

Marine electronics upgrade on this Maritimo C60. Not only did MYSC replace electronics, but we reconfigured the dash to look modern and luxurious. Take a look at what MYSC could achieve for your boat.

Upgrades to Maritimo 64 Reverie

When this Maritimo 64 was purchased the owner had grand plans to improve the cockpit area of this fantastic vessel. What was achieved has transformed the vessel.

Read on to learn more.

Starlink Satellite Internet

Starlink Satellite Internet is the latest technology by spaceX. It's a game changer for the marine industry. Click in to read more about the recent installs we've done with this amazing technology.

Maritimo X50 Swim Platform Reconfiguration

Maritimo X50 Megalodon is a fantastic boat and it's owners were avid fishermen. When the vessel was purchased it has a tender on the hydraulic Swim platform which made fishing quite difficult. Check inside to see how we gained valuable real estate and made the swim platform functional but aesthetically pleasing.

MYSC and YFG make for a stable, zero maintenance relationship.

Yachtfinders recently sold an Absolute 47 yacht and wanted to ensure that their clients had the smoothest sailing experience possible. So, they teamed up with MYSC to install their first 175T Anti-Rolling Gyro on the vessel!

Spray Rails and Silent Chines

Our Spray Rails are a hull modification that re-directs rogue waves and unwanted wash away from your vessel, giving you the driest ride possible. Our Silent Chines remove the chine slap from your vessel, giving you a peaceful nights sleep every night. MYSC has fitted these custom modifications to over 80 luxury motor yachts.

Category One Certification For Luxury Motor Yachts

Your vessel is required to be sufficiently robust in construction and have a crew that is suitably qualified to make the passage – IE Offshore survival courses completed, ability to complete repairs etc.

A qualified inspector will check the vessel hull and design, tankage, mechanical and fitted systems, accommodation, spares retention and crew before giving the certification.

Once attained, the certification is generally valid for 60 days and the certification expires upon reaching your intended destination.

Communique To Ironclad

This Riviera 61 is one of 8 boats ever built in this model range. Click inside to follow the journey of the upgrades and custom built wine cellar, turning this boat from Communique to Ironclad.

Vessel Management – Grand Banks 41

Hear from Nick and Jane Baker, who live in Northern England - but berth their beautiful 41ft Grand Banks "Anne" right here is Auckland, New Zealand.

Grand Banks "Anne" is kept right here in Auckland and cared for year round by Motor Yacht Service Centre. "Anne" is pristinely maintain and ready to go at a moments notice.

Dual ARG Gyro Installation 74ft Ferretti Mochi Craft

We recently completed an ARG Gyro installation on this stunning 74ft Ferretti Mochi Craft.

Learn more here.

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