New Zealand is fortunate enough to be surrounded by water and has an abundance of incredible locations to explore by boat, so it’s no surprise that international boat owners choose to keep their vessels here.

At MYSC, we have a Vessel Management Programme for owners local and abroad, who want their boat to be meticulously maintained and ready to go at a moments notice.

Any Luxury Motor Yacht owner knows that boats living in the water require regular maintenance in order to preserve their value, and ensure that they have a trouble free boating experience.

See this article in the Pacific Powerboat Magazine on the Grand Banks 41 – Anne, whose owners live in England. Anne is stunning boat and has been part of our Vessel Management Programme since 2012.

As part of our Vessel Management Programme your boat will be cared for as if it was our own. Your boat will also go through our regular 250 Point Service Plan to ensure that all systems maintain functionality – we’ll even stock your boat with food at your request – before you arrive!

The purpose behind our unique 250 Point Service Plan, is to ensure that your boat works when you want it too – one of a boat owners biggest frustrations is getting aboard, for a well deserved break, only to find something is not functioning.

With the recent world wide pandemic – we’re finding plenty of Luxury Motor Yacht owners who can’t get to their boat here in New Zealand.

Having your vessel in our management programme will give you piece-of-mind, with regular updates and reports on your vessel sent to you directly. You will also be involved in any decision making relating to your vessel.

The MYSC Vessel Management Programme is offered to all boat owners, both locally and abroad.

Furthermore, all vessels part of our yearly 250 Point Service Plan will receive 24/7 support.

Contact us today to see how our Vessel Management Programme will benefit you and your boat.

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