We regularly service Anchor Winches during the MYSC 250 Point Service Plan including Muir, Maxwell and Lofrans to name a few.

We remove the winch housing from the boat, remove the motor and gearbox assembly and service the electrical motor.

We also replace any leaking seals and ensure all bolts are fastened.

We have access to all seals and parts to fix all issues that arise with Muir Winches.

We recommend that winch housing is removed, the winch motor and gear box are serviced every 4-5 years or after a significant loading event.

We are able to chemically strip the winch housing back to a bare metal surface and recoat to achieve a new finish. This removes all corrosion, and you end up with a winch housing that will last like a new unit.

MYSC can supply new Gypsies and all types of chain to go with your individual Muir Winch.

Your anchor winch is a vital piece of safety equipment

  • Regular maintenance
  • Ensure your gypsy is not worn
  • Ensure your clutch cone is tight every time you go out
  • Ensure your anchor is suitable for the boat and consider upgrading to an Ultra Anchor
  • Complete the 5 year service over-haul

If you need a new Gypsy or Winch, MYSC can supply and install all new parts.

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