Anti-Fouling is a very important maintenance item on your vessel.

Care and attention paid to your hull will not only keep boat speed up but fuel consumption as low as possible.

Generally, your Anti-Foul needs to be replaced every 2 years, however, if your boat gets a lot of use, it may need doing every 12 months.

Propspeed needs to be removed and re-applied every 12 months.

MYSC can complete Anti-Fouling and Propspeed to all Luxury Motor Yachts when the vessel goes through our 250 Point Service Plan or as a one off service.

We will lift your vessel for a water blast, before getting to work on the anti-fouling process.

Depending on the condition and age of your vessel your hull may need to be stripped back to the start the anti-fouling process again. We can complete all this work as required.

We also supply you with a Clean Hull Certification required to get into most marinas.

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