Lewmar and Bowmar Boat Hatches

Over time boat hatches can begin to leak or corrode and require some refurbishment to get them back into a functional condition.

Leaking hatches have a tendency to cause more damage than meets the eye, with salt water getting into upholstered ceiling panels, down lights and even tracking to low points and dripping onto bedding and mattresses. Leaking hatches can also shorten the life span of the hatch shade and insect screen mechanisms.

MYSC is proficient in fixing leaking or damaged hatches.

We have multiple ways to remedy all hatch issues, including a full chemical stripping of all metal parts and re-coating to new condition, replacing individual parts, resealing hatches in all respects or replacing with new units.

MYSC has accumulated numerous spare parts for various hatches models and sizes.

Hatch seals should always be cleaned and lubricated to ensure they remain in good condition.

This type of issue is typically identified and addressed during our 250-point service plan.

Some common causes for refurbishment or replacement are:

  • Corroding aluminum
  • Leaking rubber seals
  • Broken or loose hatch hardware
  • Leaks around the hatch frame
  • Star Crazing in hatch lid polycarbonate (cracking in the see through lid)
  • Leaking around polycarbonate sealant

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