The Auto Anchor Chain counter is a common fixture on the Maritimo, Riviera and other Luxury Motor Yachts that we look after.

The Auto Anchor Chain Counter consists of a digital screen that shows the amount of chain out or in, a magnet sensor unit installed within your winch housing and a magnet installed into the gypsy.

As the magnet in the gypsy passes the magnet sensor in the winch housing, the digital screen shows how much chain has gone in or out according to distance set during installation.

Motor Yacht Service Centre can repair, replace, or upgrade all aspects of the Auto Anchor System and carry spares in house.

Through our 250 Point plan, we can upgrade or replace gypsies and winches, and ensure that the Auto Anchor system has been calibrated correctly. This will ensure you get an accurate reading of how much chain you’ve put out or pulled in.

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