250 Point Service Plan

Anything that lives in the water will require regular maintenance to ensure a trouble free boating experience.

The 250 Point Service Plan is an annual preventative maintenance program specifically catering for Luxury Motor Yachts. You can rest easy knowing a professional has checked all electrical, plumbing, structural, electronic and engineering aspects of your boat. All 250 point service plan customer get access to our 24/7 emergency call-out service. Its just one more way we make boating fuss free.

International Owners – Keeping your Boat in New Zealand

International owners looking to keep a vessel in New Zealand can take full advantage of our Vessel Management Program and 250 Point Service Plan. Take comfort knowing that your vessel will be checked weekly, cleaned, systems and engines run regularly and all maintenance items are taken care during the year. Your vessel will be ready for you to walk on, when you walk off the plane.

Maritimo Specialists

Motor Yacht Service Centre has been the Maritimo Warranty and aftermarket service agent since their inception in 2005. We understand Maritimo’s like no other company.

Whether you’re after advice, maintenance records regarding buying a Maritimo or you’d like to service and improve your current Maritimo. We are the home of Maritimo in NZ and have a direct link back to Maritimo Head Quarters.

Anchor Winches

Anchor winches vary in size and make and we ensure they are thoroughly covered off under the 250 Point Service Plan. We remove, refurbish and service all parts to Muir, Maxwell and Lofrans anchor winches. Preventative maintenance is key to this important peace of equipment running without failure.

Antifoul and Propspeed

The bodies of water surrounding New Zealand are experiencing unusual warmth recently and it’s been putting a lot anti-foul’s to the test. Not all of them passed.

A clean hull and with new quality anti-foul and prop speed will ensure that your boat achieves its maximum cruising speed, translating into a fuel efficient boat and stop as much barnacle growth as possible.

auto anchor chain counter screen

Auto Anchor Chain Counter

Chain counters are simple pieces of technology that have an important job. Its crucial we know how much chain has been put out to ensure we are correctly anchored.  MYSC can fix, replace and install all components relating to anchor chain counters.

Boat Hatches

Hatches require regular maintenance to the rubber seals and moving parts. Through our 250 point service plan, we maintain and repair all brands of boat hatches. For hatches that require new parts or full replacement we can supply and install these too. Our quality refurbishment for hatch frames start with a chemical stripping to get them back to bare metal and finishes with a hatch better then new.

Category 1 Offshore Certification

CAT 1 certification as its colloquially known, is the certification that your vessel is required to achieve if you intent to take your vessel offshore – for example to the Pacific Islands.

Your vessel is required to be sufficiently robust in construction and have a crew that is suitably qualified to make the passage – IE Offshore survival courses completed, ability to complete repairs etc.

cockpit teak table

Cockpit Alterations

Cockpit alterations allow you to modify the cockpit to suit your boating style. MYSC can make multi functional teak tables, timeless stainless steel fittings – we even install infrared heating so you can stay outside and not get cold.

Custom Builds

MYSC are the custom and bespoke experts. What do a new hydraulic swim platform, a teak table that turns into a bar leaner or a drop down wine cellar for 120 bottles of your favorite wine all have in common? They all started with an idea that we turned in a reality.

Engine Servicing

We service all common brands of marine engines including CAT, Scania, Cummins, MTU and Volvo-Penta.

Engine Servicing is something that should feature in your regular service program.

It’s a crucial component in any Luxury Motor Yacht and regular servicing will ensure that you have a fuss-free boating experience, increase the engines life and ensure it remains as fuel efficient as possible.

Fire Damage

We’ve got plenty of experience in fire remediation. Fires in engine rooms tend to cause a significant amount of damage but they can be repaired to new condition. MYSC will work with owners and insurance companies to ensure that your boat is repaired to as new condition and your spent fire suppressions system is back to working order.

FM200 Novec and Sea Fire Systems

Fire suppressant systems are a standard feature on luxury motor yachts but they are often overlooked during boat maintenance. Through our 250 point service plan we will ensure that annual system checks are completed, certified and all hydrostat testing requirements are met. We provide peace of mind that your vessel is safe and your insurance policy remains valid.

Gelcoat Repairs

We think we’ve got the best gelcoat team around. Whether you’ve got small repairs around a boarding platform or large collision repairs to the hull – our team will ensure that your boat is looking like brand new.

cummins ONAN generator

Generator Servicing

We provide full servicing to common generator units including Cummins ONAN, Kholer, CAT and Phisher Panda. Maintenance should be completed every 12 months or 200 hours.


At MYSC we can repair anything on your boat from minor gel coat or fiberglass repairs to major structural damage and bent stainless railings.

MYSC has significant experience in repairing (or replacements if required) heavily damaged vessels.


Whether you’re naming a new boat or renaming an old boat, we can ensure you end up with the right look for your vessel.

Vessel Management Programme

New Zealand is fortunate enough to be surrounded by water and has an abundance of incredible locations to explore by boat, so its no surprise that international boat owners choose to keep their vessels here.

At MYSC, we have a Vessel Management Programme for owners local and abroad, who want their boat to be meticulously maintained and ready to go at a moments notice.

Window Wiper Repairs

MYSC can repair, refurbish and replace all brands of windscreen wipers including the motors, arms and rubbers blades.

This is covered off under the 250 Point Service Plan.

Marine Boat Valet Service

At MYSC we provide full valet services for your vessel.

New Zealand has very harsh sun which can be damaging to any surface. A good quality valet of your boat will make it easier to keep clean but it also protects your boats gelcoat and prevents fading.

Hardstand and Haul Out Facilities

At MYSC, we have hardstand for up to 11 Luxury Motor Yachts up to 80ft.

We also have the ability to house 2 Luxury Motor Yachts up to 80ft inside a large building for all weather work.

On Water Facilities

At MYSC we have our own secure on-water facilities, we call The Work Berth, located here at Hobsonville Marina, Auckland.

Our customers are able to drive their boats to our work berth, tie up and leave their boat to be lifted by our expert team at their allotted time.

Flood Restoration

At MYSC, there’s not much we haven’t seen happen to Luxury Motor Yachts and on-board flooding is no different.

Flooding in your vessel can happen for a multitude of reasons but we have the expertise and equipment to put it right.

Vessel Re-Carpeting

Re-carpeting your Luxury Motor Yacht will have a significant impact on the boats feel. New carpet makes a space feel fresher and a lighter colour can make a space feel larger all for a modest cost.

At MYSC, we’ve re-carpeted dozens of Luxury Motor Yachts right here at our Hobsonville base, including Riviera, Maritimo, Squadron & Azimut to name a few.

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