At Motor Yacht Service Centre we will build and install Hydraulic Lifting Swim Platforms to any make of Luxury Motor Yacht.

The process is similar for each boat, however, each boarding platform will be individually paired with your vessel to ensure that it matches the look and aesthetics of the boat.

Our team will make a pattern of your vessel before creating a unique mould to build the fiberglass platform in.

Once the mould has been created it’s lined with a release agent before the gelcoat is applied.

After the fiberglass and gaboon ply has been laid in the mould the final coating of gelcoat is applied before being released from the mould.

Final touches are completed and the boarding platform sprayed with a colour to match the mothership.

The teak deck is then crafted into place and ready to be installed on the hydraulic lifting platform.

Once the hydraulic lifting rams have been installed the boarding platform is attached the boat and tested.

Please watch the video below to see the latest transformation we completed to a Maritimo 64 including this hydraulic boarding platform.

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