MYSC Supplies and Services Bauer Dive Compressors

Having the ability to fill your own dive bottles is a real time saver which is why we recommend and install Bauer dive compressors to all our luxury motor yachts.

Bauer dive compressors are world renowned for safety, reliability and are on the cutting edge of technology for on-vessel dive compressor systems.

The range of Bauer dive compressors that we offer are ultra-compact and very low weight. It’s the perfect addition to your luxury motor yacht if you’re a keen under water explorer.

With plenty of installations into a range of Luxury Motor Yacht brands Motor Yacht Service Centre can supply and install. Our team will ensure it’s the right system for your boat and intended usage.

We also make custom dive bottle racks to accompany the compressor in the lazarette and keep them secure.

A great combination that will allow you to keep your dive bottles secured in the lazarette whilst being filled by your Bauer Dive Compressor at the same time.

Your Bauer Dive Tank Compressor will most commonly be installed into a lazarette; however, they can be installed into any other location on your boat with sufficient space.

Depending on the exact model you will be able to fill a normal size dive bottle in about 20 minutes. We have the right Bauer Dive Tank Compressor to suit your Luxury Motor Yacht.

Your boat does not need to be lifted out of the water to have this work completed, however, its a great addition to your boat while its out of the water in our 250 Point Service Plan.

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