CAT 1 certification as its colloquially known, is the certification that your vessel is required to achieve if you intent to take your vessel offshore – for example to the pacific islands.

Your vessel is required to be sufficiently robust in construction and have a crew that is suitably qualified to make the passage – IE Offshore survival courses completed, ability to complete repairs etc.

A qualified inspector will check the vessel hull and design, tankage, mechanical and fitted systems, accommodation, spares retention and crew before giving the certification.

Once attained, the certification is generally valid for 60 days and the certification expires upon reaching your intended destination.

CAT 1 cert is not required to get back into NZ.

If you intend to take your vessel off-shore, to the pacific islands or beyond – speak to us about how we can get your boat passed through the CAT one certification and ensure that it’s safe for the intended passage.

We can fit polycarbonate shutters over your windows, install side deck fuel bladders with fuel pumps and ensure you have the right safety equipment installed.

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