Ever wondered if there was a solution for your boat so climbing aboard and bringing your boat to life was as simple as pushing ONE button?

C-ZONE is a modular vessel automation system designed to simplify nearly every aspect of your boat – this is one amazing product.

If you can dream up a function you’d like automated on your boat, C-ZONE will have the ability to make it happen. While complex in its wiring and installation, it’s incredibly user friendly – just the way it should be.

Your C-ZONE system will link directly into the SIMRAD Electronics package.

Your C-ZONE system can be controlled from your SIMRAD screens – also your SIMRAD electronics can be controlled directly from C-ZONE.

Your boat does not need to be lifted from the water to have this work completed, you are able to put your boat onto our work berth. Alternatively, this work can be completed when you boat is going through our 250 Point Service Plan.

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