Discover the Remarkable Transformation of the Riviera 61 Luxury Yacht IRONCLAD

The boat unwrapping process was meticulous, involving a combination of brute force, heat, and time. Within just three days the boats hull was revealed, allowing for the next stage to begin.

Our experts applied three coats of high build, expertly faired them, and followed up with two primer coats, three top coats, and an impressive five coats of clear. The result is an unparalleled depth and shine, surpassing vinyl wrap options. Our long-term solution guarantees durability and a stunning appearance.

While the paint transformation was in full swing, our boat building team recreated the iconic Riviera window pattern. A custom glass piece was made and seamlessly integrated into the hull, becoming a distinctive feature of this motor yacht.

Following the same template, our skilled boat building team precisely located the window placement and carefully cut a hole in the hull, offering a glimpse of the breathtaking view from the master cabin.

Inside the master cabin, we ensured proper containment with full masking and negative air pressure. We crafted a new upholstered panel that perfectly frames the window, having carefully removed interior lining panels.

With the hole cut, we expertly re-glassed the rebate for a secure fit, and the window was installed, sealed and coved, presenting a factory-fitted appearance.

Our highly skilled team of boat builders, painters, and electrical experts achieved a stunning upgrade to luxury motor yacht. Meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and expertise have elevated the Riviera 61 to the pinnacle of perfection.

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