Yachtfinders recently sold an Absolute 47 yacht and wanted to ensure that their clients had the smoothest sailing experience possible. So, they teamed up with MYSC to install their first 175T Anti-Rolling Gyro on the vessel!

MYSC (Motor Yacht Service Centre) is New Zealand’s premium boat builder and service centre, with over 40 years in the industry. They specialise in Motor yacht servicing, Hull extensions, Gyro installations, interior fit outs, and 250 point inspections and service plans. MYSC is a family run company, with four family members at the heart of the operation as well as 14 more dedicated men and women who carry out their work diligently and to the highest standard. These strong family values flow through the whole team and are felt by the boats owners. Motor Yacht Service Centre is uniquely, a one-stop shop for all servicing, improvement and repair needs for Luxury Motor Yachts.

The ARG 175T is a powerhouse, weighing in at 380KG and producing a whopping 17,500Nm of anti-rolling torque. It’s perfect for vessels up to 25 tons, so the Absolute 47 is in great hands.

Not only that, but the ARG gyro is the only maintenance-free gyro on the market, which means less hassle and more time out on the water. Plus, the natural precession of the ARG allows for more travel in the gimbal, making it even more effective in rough seas.

But the best part? There’s no need for sea water cooling pumps, high pressure hydraulics, or complex electronics that require maintenance. This makes for a clean and easy installation process, which was evident when MYSC installed the ARG 175 to the Absolute “Lolly”. It was a tidy installation that was completed with ease, ensuring the gyro is permanently located at the front of the engine room.

Now, the Absolute 47 can use the gyro at rest or while underway, providing many years of trouble-free operation. And if you have a vessel of a different size, MYSC has the ability to accommodate multiple gyro configurations. Be sure to check out www.mysc.co.nz or call 09 416 1179 to learn more and upgrade your sailing experience!

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Motor Yacht Service Centre is uniquely a one-stop shop for all servicing, improvement and repair needs for Luxury Motor Yachts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.