The Riviera 64 demands the largest in the Anti-Rolling Gyro Family – the ARG 375T.

The installation of the ARG gyro to this vessel was relatively straight forward, with the gyro being located in the lazarette area.

MYSC have created a special mounting plate design making the installation as easy as possible. We moved an electrical box forward 300mm which allowed for a direct drop by HI-AB into the gyros final resting space.

The control box was wired and installed with full control through the vessels existing C-Zone system. We’re also able to make this available through most leading Marine Electronics screens.

This gyro is simple to control – one button for on or off, which can be controlled from all C-Zone screens onboard.

Its the simplicity of this gyro’s design that give it such a good name. Unlike other brands, the precision Japanese engineering has eliminated the need for annual maintenance and costly repairs.

This install took around 2 weeks to complete.

MYSC Supplies and Installs all ARG Anti-Rolling Gyro’s. To learn more about which model will be best suited to your vessel, please click the link.

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