Internet on your vessel has traditionally been a luxury item. Starlink is fast, affordable and best of all – has no long terms contracts.

We have a strong passion for embracing new technology and its ability to enhance our boating experiences. In today’s interconnected world, our reliance on the internet is greater than ever before. Previously, accessing the internet on a boat was costly, requiring expensive hardware and monthly expenses, with limited internet speeds.

However, the introduction of Starlink has revolutionized this landscape. Now, even in the most remote parts of the globe, we can enjoy high-speed broadband with speeds of up to 220Mbps. The Marine Flat High Performance version of the hardware is priced at $4,200 NZD, making it more affordable than even the smallest satellite internet systems. Additionally, this system can replace your TV domes and cellular-based internet.

The subscription for Starlink is flexible, allowing you to pay on a month-by-month basis. This means you only pay for the months you use your boat. For example, if you only use your boat during the Christmas season, you can purchase a monthly subscription for that specific period and keep the system dormant for the rest of the year

Recently we have installed 5 systems with the most recent versions going on a Grand Bank 52 and  Riviera 61.

The Grand Banks recently made the voyage from Auckland to Fiji and we received regular updates and photos from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The feedback received is that texting, video calling and internet has been faultless the whole way up to Fiji.

The installation is typically easy with the flat high performance panel going on the rooftop, or inside an existing dome if large enough, and the router being located inside the vessell.

We like to ensure that the install is tidy and hidden and can typically get the system operational within one day.

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